QE HAVE THE BEST: According to Jarrod Bowen, the £34 million Liverpool player is currently superior to………..

While discussing about everything related to the Premier League, Jarrod Bowen gave some very kind words about a specific Liverpool player.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Bowen—who has also been linked to a move to Liverpool—discussed the top players at various positions.

And when it came to selecting the greatest winger in Premier League history, Bowen was certain that Mo Salah, the idol of Liverpool, was the clear winner.

In an interview with Sky, Bowen included Riyad Mahrez, Bukayo Saka, and Chelsea legend Eden Hazard.

However, Salah ultimately won his poll as the greatest winger in Premier League history.

“Salaam. The figures he generates annually. Every season, he scores 20 goals and has won titles in the Premier League and Champions League, according to Bowen.

Hazard was joking, but in my opinion, and based on my style of play, you should build your strategy more on a left-footed winger. He is the standard. Salah for me; he has also done it annually. In my case, I think my playing is a little more slanted. Of course, Saka and Salah too.

Of course, if things work out a certain way at the conclusion of the season, Bowen might wind up starting in Salah’s place.

Although Mo Salah is undoubtedly one of the top players in England to do business, Bowen provides an answer to the issue of the best wingers here. As easy as that.

It’s incredible that he started out at Chelsea, moved on to establish himself elsewhere, and then returned to Liverpool to continue producing his caliber of work.

What distinguishes Salah from many other players is his consistency over an extended length of time. As a one-off, anyone can have a respectable season. However, Salah does this every year, and this season is no different.

Salah will go out as a legend when he finally leaves Anfield. And quite rightfully too.

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