Good News: The £140k-p/w Liverpool bulldozer has drastically altered Mo Salah’s game.

Jurgen Klopp has acknowledged Darwin Nunez for playing a part in the reshaping of Mo Salah as a footballer.

According to Capology, the Uruguayan international, who reportedly earns £140,000 a week, has “changed Mo’s position definitely,” as the German put it, and has been instrumental in the Egyptian King’s recent imaginative rebirth.

Mo was a lightning-fast player when he was younger. The former head coach of Borussia Dortmund told reporters, as cited by BBC Sport, “From the first day he had to do different things, he adapted extremely well, but the playmaker in that role was probably Bobby [Firmino] setting things up.”

people in the box and people to bring the ball over the line are what you need, not two deeper guys. Now, things are a little bit different, particularly when Darwin [Nunez] is performing. Since we have another speed player up there, Mo’s position has undoubtedly shifted.

“He is intelligent enough to adjust to every situation.” Although there has been a significant change since his arrival, he was excellent at every stage.

This season, the 31-year-old has contributed 13 goals in 12 appearances for Liverpool, which is nothing short of amazing.

It seems to be lost in some quarters just how devastating Salah remains when put in front of goal – as his latest cameo against Toulouse in the Europa League clearly demonstrated.

To have changed his game late on in his career for the benefit of the side and his own personal game is the stuff of the truly elite. We’re talking about the realm occupied by the likes of Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo here.

What an incredible player we have in the ex-Roma striker.

Even if the team’s finances would definitely benefit from a significant infusion of cash for the Egyptian during the upcoming summer transfer window, the case for extending his contract is growing stronger every week.

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