Talksport update: Philippe Clement methods questioned by Rangers legend After the training abilities to avoid injury….

Philippe Clement has made an almost impact at Rangers with a team that has a renewed focus and increased determination.

The improvement is all the more impressive when you consider the injury list that the Gers boss is having to contend with and he has voiced his concerns about previous practices.

Not everyone agrees with Philippe Clement’s theory on the neglect of the cryotherapy facility at Rangers training ground with former skipper Barry Ferguson voicing his concerns on the Go Radio Football Show.

Rangers FC v Heart of Midlothian – Cinch Scottish Premiership

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Philippe Clement complaint questioned by Rangers legend

Clement has been far from impressed with the fitness of the Rangers squad both in terms of aerobic ability and their ability to avoid injury.

Ferguson though feels that there are other more important factors to consider rather than pinning hopes on an increased use of the cryotherapy chamber helping to reduce the injury list and improve recovery:

“Listen, it can help slightly but with all these machines and all that stuff, I’m not really keen on it.

“I know it’ll make a slight difference but not a massive difference. I think it’s all about diet outside the training ground and how you look after yourself.

“You’ve got to live like a proper, proper professional nowadays because to be a footballer at the highest level, you’ve got to be an athlete, 100 percent.”

Rangers FC v Heart of Midlothian – Cinch Scottish Premiership

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Why does it have to be one or the other?

Sometimes, pundits can be bad for being contrary just for the sake of it.

The science behind cryotherapy is sound and has been around for decades so, on this occasion, it doesn’t really matter if Ferguson isn’t sure about it.

He is right about nutrition and how players live their lives outside of training but there’s never been any stories about players not living “correctly”, now that Alfredo Morelos is away.

However, it’s Philippe Clement that sees the players every day and before joining Rangers had been a title winning manager in Belgium as well as managing in Ligue 1.


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