Sad News: 27-year old phoenix key called for retirement After final injury Report….

Phoenix Suns shooting guard Damion Lee left the sporting world in hysterics dressing as an injured Aaron Rodgers for Halloween.

Before the Suns took on the San Antonio Spurs in NBA action, the teams arrived through the Footprints Center tunnel, fully embracing the spooky holiday spirit of Halloween. Spurs No. 1 overall draft pick Victor Wembanyama joined in on the fun dressing as the popular horror character Slender Man

Lee’s ensemble was complete with all the necessary elements to mimic Rodgers. He sported an authentic New York Jets No. 8 jersey, a coaching headset similar to what he wears on the sidelines, crutches to simulate a “torn” ACL, and a green folder containing pieces of paper resembling a makeshift play-calling sheet.

The NBA initially posted a TikTok video featuring Lee portraying Rodgers. Since then, the footage was taken down and moved to Instagram as a collaboration post between both entities.

We have a quick draw for Breece Hall just in case we need it, and a play-action read in case we need that,” said Lee as he impersonated Rodgers in the video. “Just showing my guy some love because we’re both going through some dark days.

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