Phoenix Suns grapple with injuries, Q4 stumbles, and turnover troubles as key star face major injury….

The Phoenix Suns have started their 2023 campaign with a 4-6 record as injuries, 4th quarter struggles, and turnovers have cost them a handful of close games.

Against the Thunder on Sunday, all three of these issues were put on full display

Firstly, the team faced the obstacle of Bradley Beal’s lingering back problem, which hampered his ability to stay consistently on the court during the second half.

In the final two quarters, Beal managed just 2 points on a 1-4 shooting performance, contributing to the Suns finishing with a discouraging 18-point deficit when he was on the court.

Regarding 4th quarter struggles, Phoenix displayed one of the worst 4th quarter performances by any team this season.

After starting the quarter 1-10, the Suns eventually ended up shooting 2-21, with over half of their points coming from free throws.

Compounding their challenges, the Suns grappled with ball security issues, turning the ball over an alarming 17 times compared to just 9 turnovers by the Thunder.

These 17 turnovers propelled the Suns to the 2nd worst in the league.

Collectively, these three pressing concerns have ignited legitimate concerns among fans regarding the team’s trajectory for the remainder of the season.

Fans worried as Suns grapple with injuries, Q4 stumbles, and turnover troubles

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