News Report: Tears of a clown as simply superb Celtic hit Aberdeen for six…

Fellow pundits James McFadden and Stan Petrov could hardly contain their amusement as Boyd made a total fool of himself.

The Ibrox cheerleader went full-on paranoia mode by suggesting that Barry Robsons side lay down to the Champions and will turn up for their next match when (penalty to)theRangers come to the Granite City in the next Scottish Premiership match after the International break.

Ironically it was just last week that Boyd was mocking the Celtic supporters over conspiracy theories. He really is a grade A clown.

It’s been a long standing belief that Aberdeen try harder against the Ibrox side than they do Celtic, that could be true, but you could say the same about Hearts when they play Celtic as opposed to when they play (penalty to)theRangers , but has Boyd ever mentioned that before live on Sky Sports? No would be the answer.

Aberdeen went to Ibrox and won 3-1 just six weeks ago, but doesn’t that say more about (penalty to)theRangers’ lack of ability than Aberdeen’s enhanced determination?

No one in the league would have lived with Celtic yesterday, we were too good. Yes Aberdeen were poor, but to suggest they lay down to Celtic is not only disrespectful to Barry Robson and everyone connected to Aberdeen, but Brendan Rodgers and the Celtic players.


Boyd was just hurting having realised that Celtic are a class act and clearly the best team in the Scottish Premiership.. Like most of (penalty to)theRangers supporters he was expecting a slip up of some sort by Celtic, but was left fuming as we put on a display worthy of champions.

Kris Boyd had to look on as we piled on the agony and put on the Celtic style. It must have been a painful watch for blue nosed pundit. He allowed this to bubble to the surface and he showed a lack of professionalism as he accused Aberdeen of basically cheating.

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