Miami Heat Forward Jimmy Butler Call Out Of Work To Go To A Morgan Wallen Concert

Who hasn’t called in sick to work to go to a concert?

Well it seems fans are wondering if that’s what Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler did when he missed Saturday’s game due to “personal reasons.

Jimmy Buckets is a BIG country music guy, after he admitted that he originally started listening to country to annoy his teammates.

Earlier this year, Butler had Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs blasting through the arena as the Heat were practicing. And recently, Butler even said that he’s going to record a country album himself

“I don’t want to tell anyone who I’ve been writing with because then it’ll ruin the surprise. Now, I’m in the lab writing and producing country music. We got some real artists and songwriters.

We probably got around 45 tracks right now, and I hope to go write some more. There’s definitely going to be an album.”

One artist that Butler has gotten particularly close with has been Morgan Wallen, and he even said he wanted to join Morgan onstage to sing at one of his shows:

“I’ve already talked to him and said that I want to come onstage and just sing one line of a song. I mean, I could sing many of his songs, but I just want to sing one line of “’98 Braves.”

Well Morgan was in Atlanta this weekend for two shows at Truist Park, home of the Atlanta Braves. And who was was in Atlanta? The Miami Heat, who played the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday.

But apparently Butler could only make it to one of these events – and it wasn’t his team’s basketball game.

Butler was spotted in the dugout of Truist Park singing along to “98 Braves” during Morgan’s show on Friday – and then ended up missing Saturday’s game due to “personal reasons.

Now this may not be the “personal reason” that Butler sat out the game on Saturday. Though Morgan was playing in Atlanta on both Friday and Saturday, it appears that Butler took in the Friday show.

But fans are wondering if the reason the Heat superstar wasn’t able to play was because of the Morgan Wallen concert.

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