Contract Agreed: Rangers finally set £114m to sign own Bakayoko after Jhon Arias transfer claim….

One problem Rangers clearly didn’t address in the summer was improving the quality of the forward line, however, Jhon Arias would immediately change that.

The 26-year old Colombian has been linked with a move to the Light Blues and would bring the sort of quality that has been missing for some time.

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What sort of player would Rangers be getting if they signed Jhon Arias and is he the missing link that Philippe Clement so desperately needs?

Rangers-linked Jhon Arias could be Clement’s Bakayoko

The Fluminese winger is the rarest of things in modern football, he is a right winger who is right footed.

Nowadays, the norm is for wide players to be able to go down the outside but predominantly cut inside to allow full-backs to overlap and create overloads.

Rangers could do with a player like PSV Eindhoven’s Johan Bakayoko and, according to DataMB, that’s exactly what he is.

In terms of assists, key passes and dribbling, Arias and Bakayoko are almost identical with the former only just edging things.

The only metric that the PSV man wins outright is the important one though, non-penalty goals.

With nine goals and 13 assists, Arias has had an outstanding season and he will be hoping to hit double figures against Boca Juniors in the Copa Libertadores final at the weekend.

There are other clubs interested in the Rangers target but if Philippe Clement can persuade Jhon Arias to join it would be a great way to start his revolution.

For too long, Rangers have taken punts on players like Jordan Jones, Brandon Barker and Scott Wright in the hope that they can come good.

Now is the time to stop gambling and buy players with proven success at the highest level and ones that wouldn’t need time to settle.

If Rangers signed Jhon Arias, it would mark a significant step in the right direction and a step that would prove the new manager is being backed.


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