Breaking News: Boston Celtics made 2024 Trade target for substitution and injury Replacement For New signing…..

There obviously is not much to change in the Boston Celtics system. Joe Mazzulla has been efficient in using his core of Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Jrue Holiday, and Kristaps Porzingis. They currently hold a nine-win record while only dropping two close games so far in the season. However, their depth in the big man position leaves a lot to be desired given the amount of screens and picks that they run throughout the year. The injury of Neemias Queta also did not help in this. Maybe, Celtics trade targets like Precious Achiuwa, or Jalen Duren could be of help moving forward.

Precious Achiuwa joins the Celtics’ system

The Toronto Raptors big man does not need a lot of minutes or to stuff the stat sheet to make an impact. He is able to help set up the offense. Working alongside Dennis Schroder just by setting screens and boxing out to get second-chance opportunities. Precious Achiuwa, however, is not afraid to take the open shot or drive to the rim regardless of how many bodies are on him. This has notched him a serviceable 6.8 points per game along with 6.6 boards on average. Flashes of great playmaking and court vision have also been seen from him this season. He notched two assists per game so far which proves how versatile he is on both ends of the floor.

Jayson Tatum and Joe Mazzulla could use him to bolster the highly-ranked Celtics offense. It makes it easier for guards like Jrue Holiday or scorers like Jaylen Brown to create separation from their defenders. More than that, clogging up the paint on defense will also not be a problem given how dominating Achiuwa can be.

Moreover, this Celtics trade target can thrive on drop coverage given his decent lateral quickness. Being able to play him along with Kristaps Porzingis or Al Horford will help the Celtics a lot. Other big men could roam while Achiuwa takes on the ball handler on the perimeter. Overall, this addition opens up the offense and defense by a large margin with, hopefully, not much cost.

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