Just Now: Devin Booker rearranges Suns history with scoring outburst against Timberwolves…

Devin Booker notched a feat in Suns history that even Charles Barkley has not achieved in their match against Anthony Edwards’ Timberwolves.

Suns Devin Booker and Charles Barkley with Timberwolves Anthony Edwards

Charles Barkley and Steve Nash are still the players synonymous to the Phoenix Suns franchise. They have been able to affect the community around the team and led them to a lot of wins from the regular season to the postseason. Although, Devin Booker could be coming for that title when it is all said and done. He is in the middle of a blazing start which came at the cost of Anthony Edwards and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Devin Booker has a three-game streak where he recorded 30 points and five dimes, per ESPN Stats & Info. This got him the Suns franchise record because no other player, not even Charles Barkley or Steve Nash, has managed to replicate that record.

This made their path to victory over the Timberwolves much easier. Booker scored 31 points while dropping five dimes and four assists. Kevin Durant would follow suit by scoring the same amount of points. Four other Suns players got double-digit points to establish an insurmountable lead over Minnesota.

Karl-Anthony Towns knocked down 25 points while Anthony Edwards recorded 13. All of these were not enough to get them close to a victory at all. The Suns would end the four quarters of the game with an 18-point lead that left the Timberwolves packing. A lot of it had to do with the smart selection from Booker and court vision such that he makes the passes to the open man. The arguably best shooting guard in the league is showing no signs of stopping this hot streak.

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