EXTREMELY GIFTED: Coach claims Tottenham have a 22-year-old who’s more talented than £53m star

Coach Ruben Jongkind of FC Volendam has now elaborated on the departure of Tottenham Hotspur defender Micky van de Ven from the team.

Van de Ven and Jongkind were closely collaborating at his academy side in the Netherlands prior to van de Ven’s 2021 transfer to Wolfsburg in Germany.

Additionally, the coach was remembering some of the pitiful offers Volendam received for van de Ven during an interview with iNews.

Jongkind contrasted the situation to transfers at the time in Europe because he was already sure that the center-back had elite potential.

Don’t come with €1.5 million when [Alessandro] Bastoni, who likely has less talent, has already gone for €31 million, he remarked. This has world-class potential.

Naturally, Jongkind was referring to the 2017 transfer of Bastoni from fellow Serie A team Atalanta to Inter Milan, who is currently estimated to be worth £53 million.

Tottenham supporters will be extremely appreciative that van de Ven’s future is intertwined with theirs, especially if Jongkind has known for some time about his enormous potential.

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