Sean Dyche is ready to go to fight with Liverpool rival Jurgen Klopp again following the tunnel incident.

Sean Dyche led Burnley to a stunning 1-0 victory over Liverpool at Anfield in January 2021, and he’s now eager to inflict another defeat on Jurgen Klopp as Everton manager Sean Dyche can chuckle about it now – the moment he grabbed the irate Anfield lion by the tail and gave him a good twirl.

It was a furious exchange with Jurgen Klopp in the tunnel of the historic old stadium, with the two standing toe to toe sharing honest opinions on a day when his Burnley team ruined Liverpool’s stunning unbeaten home record under the German.

Dyche later pointed out, “You are allowed to fight in these places, you know!” But, on the eve of an even more heated meeting with Klopp, the Everton manager smiles as he mentions his opponent from across Stanley Park.

“By the way, when I said you’re allowed to fight in these places, I didn’t mean me and him!” Dyche explained. And it wasn’t a brawl… it most emphatically wasn’t a brawl! There was also no true coming together (with Klopp). It’s only a fleeting moment, and I don’t see anything wrong with that.”

Dyche believes it is the innate passion and emotion that comes with being a manager, as well as the natural instincts. As he says on the eve of one of the world’s most famous derbies, it all originates from a core desire to win.

“That’s the point,” Dyche continued, “the intention of a team is to go and win there.” You have to do what you have to do – you have to battle, play, work, and all that. So, when that happens, we’re free to do whatever we want.

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