Coach Martino of Inter Miami disputes allegations of Messi’s injuries.

According to a rumor from the Inter Miami Podcast, which is unrelated to the team, Messi had “sustained a 2 [centimeter] hamstring tear, confirmed via MRI, likely shutting him down for the remainder of the MLS season.”

Gerardo “Tata” Martino, the head coach, denied the report as untrue following the game. “Time will tell whether what am saying is true or whether that person who made the report is right,” Martino remarked in his press conference following the game. “What said is true. We’ll observe this from game to game. “We are going to assess him. We’ll know if he’s going to sit on the bench or be [unavailable] whether it’s against FC Cincinnati or Chicago. Even though he is working on the field alone from the rest of the team, he is becoming better.

  • Messi has been observed working at least somewhat during Miami’s most recent training sessions, although it’s still unknown just how much he is capable of. Messi would return before the MLS season was through, according to Martino.

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