Sad News: Warriors’ Draymond Green’s Rudy Gobert chokehold becomes incredible viral painting….

By my calculations, social media is absolutely terrible 90 percent of the time, but you didn’t come here for a long soliloquy on what makes it so problematic. Instead, I’m here to celebrate an example of what makes social media is absolutely awesome 10 percent of the time. Mostly when NBA twitter is reacting in real time to the happenings around the league, like earlier this week when the Golden State Warriors and Minnesota Timberwolves squared off in an NBA in-season tournament game.

Before the Warriors or the Wolves could score a single point, Draymond Green challenged Rudy Gobert to a fight inside of the UFC octagon, and before Gobert had a chance to even respond, Green had already won by an early round one submission via chokehold. It was eerily reminiscent of watching Jon ‘Bones’ Jones choke out Rampage Jackson all over again.

In the aftermath of the game, one talented artist whose X (Twitter) handle is @allleuu commemorated the unexpected throw down with a piece of art that would make Pablo Picasso beam with pride.

Who is in charge of getting paintings in the Louvre? Who does Adam Silver have to call? If the Louvre isn’t accepting new submissions, maybe we could just hang this in a wing in Springfield, Massachusetts at the Basketball Hall of Fame? It deserves to be on display somewhere besides on Elon Musk’s vanity project.

As far as Draymond Green and Rudy Gobert go, this is not a first-time incident between the two. Green and Gobert have exchanged their share of verbal barbs in the past. In fact, there are so many instances of shade being thrown and flagrant fouls being had that I need to come up with an extra sentence just to link to all of the verbal and non-verbal kerfuffles.

The Warriors and Timberwolves don’t play each other again until March 24th, and you better believe the fans in Minnesota will have plenty of vitriol to dish out in the direction of Draymond Green.

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