Sad News: Green Brigade Clear Up Media Stance as Ban Takes Huge Effect on Celtic….

The North Curve account that puts out communications for the Green Brigade have made it clear on Wednesday morning that no member will speak to the media and anything they want to say will be conveyed through the account and nowhere else.

This is likely to battle any misinformation put out from the groups side and an article by the Record claiming a GB member spoke on air about the situation

The ultra section of Celtic Park will be empty on Wednesday night after the club took the decision to blanket ban the group citing numerous rule breaks within the stadium and at away days.

The group had been pretty silent on their away day ban, and have yet to comment on the Celtic Park suspension.

The group have a right of reply and we have no doubt will put their case forward to supporters now Celtic have put their cards on the table.

It’s all got very tribal already with people predisposed to the side of the GB and the board respectively digging in their heels.

The group have been a mainstay at home games for years and it will be sad to see the standing section silent for the next while.

DeWe hope things can be worked out in due course.



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