Sad News: Denver Broncos manager implies composery Children’s Hospitality After losing his child….

Zach Allen and Jacob, the junior reporter, after practice on Wednesday, October 18, 2023 at Centura Health Training Center in Englewood, Colorado. Photo by Gabriel Christus / Denver Broncos

I had the great opportunity to go to the Denver Broncos practice facility and take a tour and interview one of the Bronco players.

My tour started in the main room where they have all their Super Bowl trophies and other awards they have received over the years. They also had banners hanging from the ceiling with many of their accomplishments. The tour guide then came out to get us and we had to sign in and get a pass to wear to enter the building.

When we got inside the building, there were walls of pictures from every team for every year. It was cool to see all of the pictures. We then went to the big room where they have their team meetings. I was able to stand at the podium and sit in the seats where the players sit. Then I got to go to all the individual group rooms where they study for the upcoming game. I even got to see the quarterback room where they wrote down some plays and some calls that they were going to make in the game later that week against the Packers!

I loved the fact that around every corner, there was a drink and snack station. I was able to steal a Gatorade from one of the refrigerators!

I walked through the players locker room and saw all their stuff laying around. I also got to go to their cafeteria to see the food they get to eat each day. And then we walked through the player parking lot and saw all their super cool cars.

We saw their weight room and a big indoor field where they will work on their rehab and prepare for their games. I was told that instead of going through security at the airport, the security comes to them. So they get scanned and then go straight to the plane and board it for the flight to their away games.

The Broncos were having practice while I was there. We were able to look through windows and watch some of it.

After my tour, we went back to the main room. I got a bag of goodies that included a hat, hoodie, t-shirt, and a mini helmet, and that is where I got to meet and interview Zach Allen. Here are the questions and answers from our interview


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