Playoff picture: What the Miami Dolphins need to reach the 2023 NFL playoffs…

In Week 13, the Miami Dolphins jumped up three places in the AFC playoff picture and into top spot after a comfortable win over the Washington Commanders.

That big rise came as a result of the Baltimore Ravens’ bye week and surprise defeats for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Kansas City Chiefs.

Now, the Dolphins have a greater than 99% chance of reaching the playoffs – according to The New York Times – and can guarantee a postseason venture with just one more win.

That win has to specifically be against the Buffalo Bills in Week 18. Miami could lose its next four game as long as they beat Josh Allen and co. in the final week of the regular season.

Miami’s earliest chance to seal a playoff spot will come in Week 15. If the Dolphins win their next two games and the Bills slip up against the Kansas City Chiefs or Dallas Cowboys then Miami is going to the postseason.

Who do the Dolphins still have to play?

Week 14 vs. Titans

Week 15 vs. Jets

Week 16 vs. Cowboys

Week 17 at Ravens

Week 18 vs. Bills

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