Hope Alive: How the Broncos can bounce back against the Chargers…

The Denver Broncos have another away game lined up this weekend against the Los Angeles Chargers. The insight I’m looking for this week will be how mentally healthy the team is after their loss in Houston.

The Broncos of the past few years oftentimes let one loss become multiple in a row. Will this year’s Broncos be able to bounce back?

Games at Los Angeles historically have seen our fans travel well and as such have seemed like more winnable games than normal away games. The Chargers are honestly in shambles offensively. Even with their oft-lauded “franchise” QB, they only mustered 6 points last week.

That looks like a team that this Broncos defense can handle by just playing sound football. If we can hold them to under 20, the Broncos should be able to get back on track.

If for some strange reason, the Broncos do lose, their playoff chances will have likely been thrown in the trash. I’m honestly thankful we’re this late in the season and have meaningful games being played.

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