News Report: Rangers tipped for title charge under Philippe Clement….

After Rangers lost to Celtic in the opening Old Firm derby, there were immediate calls for Michael Beale to be relieved of his duties, on early assessment of Philippe Clement, they may have been right. Already, the gap at the top has been cut to five points despite the Ibrox defeat and a successful run up to Christmas could see the points difference become even closer.

One man who thinks that Rangers and Philippe Clement can catch and pass Celtic who, as reported by The Herald, claims that the Belgian is the right man for the job.

Rangers have the right man in Philippe Clement

The Zambia international knows at first-hand what the new Gers boss is capable of having seen him in action at Genk and Brugge.

As well as being positive about Clement’s style of play, Sakala was also quick to suggest that it might not be too late to catch Celtic.

The former Rangers forward would have been useful in Philippe Clement’s system but he feels that the immediate change in style of play suggests that good times are just around the corner:

“The big question is ‘can Clement win the league?’ And I think looking at the way the team are performing, I am very positive

“Rangers are looking good. Of course, the other team are doing well but I’m a Rangers boy and I hope Rangers keep winning and win the league.

“I’d be very happy for them to win the league.”

There is a long way to go and three Old Firm derbies still to be played and, as we have seen in the last two seasons, those are the games that make the difference.

Even this season, for example, had Rangers won as they should’ve done, it would be us, and not them, that would be top of the league.

If we were though, we probably wouldn’t have Philippe Clement in charge as Rangers manager.

Short term pain for long term gain, hopefull

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