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Rangers MyGers update shows why scheme is going nowhere

Rangers MyGers scheme was announced with great pride by the club, seen as a membership project to match the biggest, and best, in Europe.

The latest update has provided fans with the single biggest reason why it is here to stay and won’t be going anywhere – money.

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Brought in to provide a tiered system for European tickets, cup finals and other big games the Rangers MyGers scheme is now at the stage where it is a guaranteed revenue stream.

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Rangers MyGers scheme here to stay after latest figures

Ibrox’s capacity currently sits around the 51,000 mark including corporate tickets and is in the process of being increased due to hospitality areas and the disability provision being renovated.

Membership to MyGers, as confirmed in an email to members, now exceeds season tickets sales and remains close to the capacity of Ibrox too with 48,306 in total – although this is a drop from the 53,000 peak of last season.

What this means is that, taking an average annual cost of £40 (non-season ticket holders pay more, junior members less), Rangers are banking somewhere between £1.75m and £2m from MyGers.

There will be some overheads such as the membership packs but it even the most disgruntled of fans will be able to appreciate why it is here to stay after its 2020 introduction.

Add this to New Edmiston House and Rangers are making in the region of £3m per year.

James Bisgrove’s dream when he was our marketing and commercial director was to turn the club into a 365 days a year club.

With Ibrox the sort of facility that didn’t sit empty for most of the week.

New restaurants and a partnership with Gordon Ramsey has seen that dream become a reality.

Rangers fans will continue, probably, to moan about what is seen as a supporter tax, for loyal supporters who travel home and away to guarantee that they can still get tickets for the big games, however, with these figures, it’s going nowhere.

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