News Report: Bradley Beal Still Dealing With Back Issues….

The Phoenix Suns fell victim to yet another loss over the weekend, pushing their record to 4-6 on the season for a variety of reasons.

Perhaps the biggest is health, as the team’s star trio of Kevin Durant, Bradley Beal and Devin Booker have yet to play one minute in the team’s regular season due to various injuries. Durant has remained healthy while Booker (calf strain among others) and Beal (lower back) have missed time.

Beal missed a handful of games to begin the regular season but has played the last three contests for Phoenix.

However, Beal’s back is again acting up and could see him miss more time after tweaking the injury in the first half of Sunday’s loss vs OKC.

“That’s where I kick myself a little bit because if I’m not going to be useful to the team, which I probably wasn’t as much in the second half, then I shouldn’t of damn then been out there, but that’s just me being hard headed and me just wanting to contribute anyway I can,” Beal said (h/t Duane Rankin).

“I definitely got to smart moving forward and just being smart and understanding there are other guys who can probably impact the game at much higher level if I’m not able to do so.”

The Suns have two days of rest before hosting the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday, where the return of Booker could come.

“This is probably the first day we’ve had, I don’t want to say a setback, but where it’s gotten tight throughout the course of a game. It’s just evaluating that seeing how; recovery is always the biggest question. How I feel afterward. See how I feel (Sunday night), in the morning and hopefully I don’t feel like I got hit by a bus and I’ll be good to go come Wednesday,” said Beal.

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