News Now: World classic browns star Reflects On Unique Path Taken To Become Vikings QB….

The Arizona Cardinals were actually practicing against the Minnesota Vikings when they initially made the deal to bring quarterback Joshua Dobbs on board from the Cleveland Browns.

Fast forward a few months, and the Cardinals find themselves sending Dobbs to the Vikings, just as they”re gearing up to face the Browns. This move comes as Kyler Murray is set to return for the Cardinals, while the Vikings are in a tough spot with starting QB Kirk Cousins dealing with an Achilles injury.

In this trade, the Cardinals are shipping Dobbs to the Vikings in exchange for a 2024 sixth-round pick, with the Vikings giving up a conditional 2024 seventh-round pick. Of note, the seventh-round pick originally came from Atlanta. However, it”s worth mentioning that the trade is contingent on Dobbs passing a physical examination.

Head Coach Jonathan Gannon, who doesn”t typically speak on Tuesdays, made a special appearance at the start of the regularly scheduled coordinators” press conference to address the trade. He expressed his gratitude to Josh Dobbs for his contributions to the team and praised him as the ultimate professional. Gannon thanked Dobbs for his dedication to the Cardinals.

“I was surprised, but at this point of my career and my journey, you’re not too surprised about anything happening.”: Said Dobbs

Josh Dobbs, for his part, is handling the trade from the Cardinals to the Vikings with professionalism and grace. He acknowledged his surprise at the move but noted that, given his career journey, he”s learned not to be too shocked by anything that happens in the NFL.

To provide some context, the Cardinals had initially acquired Dobbs in August by trading a fifth-round pick in exchange for Dobbs and a seventh-round pick from the Browns.

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