Heat Trade Rumors: Miami Eyes ‘Coveted’ $37 Million Guard To sign Jimmy Butler bench replacement…..

Thanksgiving, a bit early to be starting in on Miami Heat trade rumors, and yet, the promising start from the team’s star players and obvious holes on the rest of the roster have potential NBA deals percolating. And while the presumption around the league has been that the Heat will swing for a major trade at some point, the reality is they’re more likely to stick with their current stars and upgrade the role players.

That’s where one of the league’s top role players could give Heat trade rumors some winter fuel. Bulls guard Alex Caruso is not yet on the trade market, but he is already generating some buzz as a player Chicago could shop as it looks to retool away from its veterans and move toward its young players.

And Caruso would help a lot of what ails the Heat. The backcourt is a disaster with Tyler Herro now out because of an injury and veteran Josh Richardson appearing to be in over his head. Caruso plays with the energy and passion that coach Erik Spoelstra likes, and can play either guard spot.

They need a guard in the worst way,” one Eastern Conference executive said. “They’re not out there beating the bushes for a trade or anything, that is not how they operate. They’re going to say they like Josh and they like Dru Smith, and all of that. But they’ve got to be concerned and if the Bulls let it be known that Alex Caruso can be traded, they’d have to be the first in line. He is an Erik Spoelstra kind of guy all the way. They have an eye on him, for sure. We all do.


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