Financial Expect Report Rangers wage bill Aroused from £55m to a record £64m Excluding January spending…..

The wage bill of the Rangers side rose by £9million during the 2022/23 season, according to finance experts The Swiss Ramble.

They reported on Friday (17 November) that the payroll costs had skyrocketed from £55million to a record £64million.

An increase in wages can potentially lead to more spending on transfers as higher wages can attract top-tier talent to the club, making it more attractive for skilled players to join or stay with a team that offers lucrative contracts.

This influx of talent can strengthen the squad, enhancing its competitive edge.

Increased wages can often correlate with a club’s financial health and stability as when they’re financially robust, they are more likely to have the resources to invest in transfer fees and contract buyouts for desired players.

Moreover, higher wages for existing players can contribute to their enhanced market value. If a club decides to sell a player, the increased valuation can result in higher transfer fees, providing additional funds for new signings.

Gers have run a self-sustaining model in the past so there is no need to worry about them breaching FFP rules either.

Hopefully, work has begun on new signings as they need at least two more faces in the January transfer window.

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