Done Deal !!! -Tottenham Hotspur looking to raid Aston Villa yet again after Johan Lange…..

Frederik Leth, the research head at Aston Villa, will join Spurs at Hotspur Way.

Tottenham has recently experienced a wave of change that has altered the personnel landscape of the team. Though faces have changed, the club’s fundamental belief in making decisions based on data has not changed.

An ongoing dependence on data analytics is shown by the recruitment of Johan Lange as technical director, who was recruited away from Aston Villa. Although Lange’s appointment gives the current structure a new viewpoint, it doesn’t signal a radical shift from the club’s tried-and-true methodology.

Working alongside Lange is Fabio Paratici, who continues to be crucial in a consulting role. In order to ensure some continuity within, Paratici’s knowledge and ideas serve as a bridge between the past and the present.

Frederik Leth could join Tottenham Hotspur as the Head of Research.

Lange, with his distinct vision and approach, has already initiated the formation of a team composed of trusted associates. Among these is Rob Mackenzie, who previously served as part of the Tottenham setup between 2015 and 2016. Mackenzie will return to the club, this time as the chief scout, following his successful stint at Villa working closely with Lange.

There is still more recruitment to be done. The head of research at Villa, Frederik Leth, is anticipated to get back together with Lange after they had previously worked together at Copenhagen (source: The Athletic; subscription required). Their renewed collaboration demonstrates their excellent communication skills and mutual dedication to data-driven approaches.

Tottenham’s scouting network gains a useful dimension from Leth’s reputation as a sharp talent spotter, particularly when it comes to up-and-coming young prospects. Similar to Lange, Leth emphasizes data analysis a lot, which fits in well with the club’s changing strategy.


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