Deal Terminate: Miami Heat to terminate Zach LaVine trade as key Star set injury Return after two years of surgery……

The Miami Heat has recovered from their bad start to the season. But even though they’ve played better as of late, the overwhelming opinion is that the Heat will still need to add a difference-maker if not a star player to compete with the likes of the top-heavy Milwaukee Bucks, Boston Celtics, and even the Philadelphia 76ers in the Eastern Conference.

All of a sudden, Zach LaVine could be a potential target for the Heat. The way the season is trending, it would be almost surprising if the Chicago Bulls didn’t shop him ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline. And if he does hit the trade block, the Heat are expected to express interest in the All-Star guard.

And if the market plays out exactly as Miami needs it to, there’s a realistic possibility that all roads for LaVine could lead to the Heat.

Why all roads for the Chicago Bulls could lead to the Miami Heat

If the Bulls get to a point where they almost have to trade LaVine, there’s a growing chance that the return may not be what they think it will be. Considering the recent reporting, there’s a chance that ends up happening. Let’s walk through why it could end up being a best-case scenario for a team like the Heat.

It’s been reported multiple times recently that LaVine doesn’t want to be traded to the New York Knicks and that feeling could be mutual. The Los Angeles Lakers are only interested in LaVine to a certain extent and aren’t willing to include Austin Reaves in any potential package. Considering they only have one future first-round pick to offer, that could limit their potential of being a real player in the LaVine sweepstakes.

The Philadelphia 76ers are unlikely to make a big move until the NBA Trade Deadline and may value depth over gutting their roster for a player like LaVine.

Of the contenders that would be interested, that could leave the Heat with the best potential landing spot. Especially if they’re willing to offer their two trade-eligible future first-round picks.

After missing out on Damian Lillard and Bradley Beal during the offseason, this could be the perfect storm to salvage a situation for the Heat. But Miami has to be in a place where they’re actually willing and ready to pull the trigger.

And that’s been somewhat of the issue for the Heat recently. But the sudden emergence of LaVine could be the season-changing lifeline that the Heat need. Will they be interested enough to pull it off? That’s the one big question that remains to be seen.

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