“We’ve forgotten about him,” a pundit claims regarding Tottenham’s outstanding player.

Over the weekend, Rodrigo Bentancur returned to action for Tottenham, and the Uruguayan’s comeback is cause for celebration.

Even though Tottenham is now leading the Premier League, many critics still do not consider Spurs to be serious contenders because of their alleged lack of depth in the squad.

Tottenham’s roster isn’t the deepest in the league, but they also don’t really require a 30-man squad the size of Chelsea because they don’t play in Europe or the Carabao Cup.

Gregor Robertson said on The Game Football Podcast that Bentancur’s return has slightly altered his opinion of this Spurs club. In all honesty, the team’s depth isn’t as poor as some make it out. Bentancur’s return over the weekend underlined the wealth of options in the midfield for the Spurs.

After his return, Robertson talked about the Uruguayan.

Even yet, my opinions of this team are beginning to shift. Now that he’s returned, how good of a player is Bentancur? After we stopped thinking about him, he returned. Hojbjerg and him are yours. Robertson stated, “Bissouma and Sarr are crucial to the system, but there’s a little bit more strength there suddenly.”

Robertson is correct in saying that the Spurs have a little more depth than many realize.

Sure, it’s not nearly as good as Man City or Arsenal, but consider some of their players who haven’t played much this year.

Whether you like him or not, Hugo Lloris is a World Cup-winning captain; Eric Dier has been a mainstay for England for almost ten years; and there once was Ryan Sessegnon, the country’s most desirable young prospect.

While it’s not ideal, it’s also not disastrous, and if Spurs’ chances of winning the championship depend on their depth, they may still have a shot.

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