BBC Report: Rangers midfielder may have played final Ibrox game…

Rangers midfielder Steven Davis may never play a professional game at Ibrox again as the BBC shared an update on his situation.

The British broadcaster reported on Friday, 17 November that his playing future remains uncertain amid his recent knee injury.

Currently, the 38-year-old is undergoing rehab and there is a high probability that he does not return to action ever again.

He recently acted as the club’s interim coach when Michael Beale was sacked and that seems to be where his future is heading, in a coaching position.

Footballers in their late 30s may struggle to recover from knee injuries as they age, the body’s natural regenerative abilities tend to decline, leading to slower healing processes.

The wear and tear on joints over a long career can result in accumulated damage to ligaments, cartilage, and tendons, making recovery more challenging.

Additionally, decreased muscle mass and flexibility in older players contribute to a diminished ability to support and stabilise the knee joint during rehabilitation.

The risk of re-injury is higher, and the overall recovery timeline is extended.

Rather than playing through the pain barrier or using painkillers to numb the pain – which usually impacts performances on the field of play, it may be better for Davis to call it a day.

He does seem someone who’s ambitious and willing to fight his way out but whether or not that’s feasible, remains to be seen.

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