That Finals spelled doom for Barkley’s best shot at a ring,However….

Then-Suns forward Charles Barkley is one of the many victims of the Bulls’ dominance in the 1990s. in 1993, Barkley led a powerful Phoenix team to the NBA Finals against Chicago.

The Bulls were at their absolute peak, with guard Michael Jordan averaging 32.6 points per game and forward Scottie Pippen making his third All-Star Game in four years. Despite the Suns’ best efforts, Chicago won the series in six games. That final spelled doom for Barkley’s best chance at a ring. Thirty years later, however, Barkley is one of television’s most respected sports analysts and able to comment on the frosty relationship between Jordan and Pippen. On the Dan Patrick Show, Patrick asked Barkley what he thought about Jordan, Pippen and 11 others being inducted into the Bulls’ new Ring of Honor on Jan. 12, when Chicago faces the Warriors. ‘You know what? I have to go,” Barkley said. “I’ll sit in the corner and watch.”Once the NBA’s most formidable one-two punch, Jordan and Pippen’s relationship appears to have fractured along a number of lines, namely Pippen’s public criticism of Jordan and Jordan’s son Marcus’ relationship with the ex Pippen’s wife.“I’m going to Chicago that day to see him,” Barkley said. “You talk about the weirdest, most embarrassing things… embarrassing doesn’t do it justice. … I can’t wait to get here.”

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