NBA report:Kevin Durant only has hope for Draymond Green after his most recent….

Kevin Durant only has hope for Draymond Green after his latest suspension. However, this time the NBA seems to have had its way with the physical attacker, following which he was suspended indefinitely.


It looks like Kevin Durant has buried the hatchet with Draymond Green,The Golden State Warrior recently received two suspensions from the league. The first was for his necklock on Rudy Gobert, which only warranted a five-game suspension from competition. However, the 33-year-old doesn’t regret the stranglehold at all. He has now beaten Jusuf Nurkic, which he considers an accident. He also received an indefinite ban from games with the Warriors, as reported by Adrian Wojnarowski on X (formerly Twitter). Meanwhile, his former teammate shares his thoughts on the incident. He doesn’t seem to believe it, saying it’s “insane to see.”Additionally, the four-time scorer is happy that his current teammate is doing well. He hopes Green gets help for his anger issues and flogging issues. Plus, he doesn’t remember the forward being this physical when he was a Warrior.The Phoenix Suns forward hopes Green can put this behind him in the future after improving with help from the league. The two attackers also had beef Hints of their shared issues began as early as 2017. Green was yelling, or at least frustrated, at the 13-time All-Star. Fans see them argue again that same year, but this time on the bench. One of the couple’s main arguments came in 2018 when Green allegedly called Durant a “b-h.”However, that was at least five years ago, which hopefully means they’ve buried the hatchet between them.

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