Hilarious>>> More Absurdly Poor Luck For The Suns Follows The Announcement Of Bradley Beal’s Comeback

  1. At this point, the Phoenix Suns have to be a farcical comedy.

Bradley Beal, the top guard for Phoenix, will be back in the starting lineup on Tuesday against the Golden State Warriors, the team said this week. Due to a back injury, Beal has missed the last 12 games in a row and has missed 19 of the Suns’ 22 games this season altogether.

The impending return of Beal is a considerable boost to a 12-10 Phoenix team that has lacked additional scoring punch and offensive creativity. But unfortunately for the Suns, the figurative monkey paw curled along with it.

Shams Charania of The Athletic reported Tuesday morning that fellow Suns star Kevin Durant will now miss the game against the Warriors due to an ankle injury. That means that Phoenix’s Big Three of Beal, Durant, and Devin Booker still won’t be able to make their debut all together.

Beal’s imminent return will be a huge help to the 12-10 Phoenix team, which has struggled to find extra offensive flair and punch. Sadly for the Suns, though, the metaphorical monkey paw curled with it.

Due to an ankle injury, Kevin Durant, a major player for the Suns, will now miss the game against the Warriors, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic on Tuesday morning. Thus, Beal, Durant, and Devin Booker—Phoenix’s Big Three—still won’t be able to make their debut together.

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