Good News: Suns Glad to Have Devin Booker Back…

Phoenix — After losing their previous two games, the Phoenix Suns defeated the Memphis Grizzlies 116-109 on Saturday night to get back on track.

More significantly, Devin Booker, who has struggled with injuries all season, returned to the squad despite his most recent ailment being a sprained right ankle.

Booker was eventually declared questionable and had to make a decision at the last minute before being allowed to play.

Booker didn’t waste any time on the night, leading the team with 34 points to go along with ten rebounds and seven assists, picking right back off where Suns fans and teammates last saw his level of play.

“Overall, happy with the win. Our guys played basically a heavyweight game last night. Came in second night of a back-to-back and toughed it out,” Frank Vogel said following the game. “I was proud of how Kevin (Durant) responded. Kevin played a really solid efficient offensive night, Book (Devin Booker) gave us a big lift, obviously with coming back and just happy to get a win.”

Booker’s evolution as a playmaker has been nothing short of notable, as he’s now taken the wheel as Phoenix’s point guard and has thrived in most opportunities. Booker himself touched on what it’s been like establishing himself in a new role:

“Just reading defenses, being thrown into the fire as a young player where I would have to play through mistakes and turning the ball over, seeing a bunch of different coverages. Then just reading and reacting,” Booker said.

Every year, I reach a certain point where I think the game is a little bit slower. I’m watching the game more often now. Every day I fall more and more in love with it. I simply love to peel back the layers of things, so to speak. Understanding the lineups and playing styles of your opponents is crucial.

The Suns definitely missed having Booker on the court, without reiterating the obvious for the eleventh time.

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