Breaking news:The New York Yankees were the hunted during the Rule 5 Draft on……..

The New York Yankees were hounded in Wednesday’s Rule 5 Draft at the Winter Meetings in Nashville, as they lost three players on the Major League side and four more on the Minor League side. Three prospects the Yankees didn’t want to protect on their 40-man roster were selected on the Major League portion, which requires the selected team to immediately place that player on the 40-man roster.

The Oakland Athletics selected pitcher Mitch Spence with their pick. The Kansas City Royals selected pitcher Matt Sauer, who was one of the Yankees’ top 30 prospects. And the Texas Rangers chose pitcher Carson Coleman. Three of the ten players selected in the MLB game were Yankees prospects. At the minor league level, the stakes are much lower.

Players selected in the MLB game require a fee of $100,000. Players selected to the minor league only need a fee of up to $15,000. Still, other teams have looked to the Yankees for talent. In the first round, the Los Angeles Angels selected first baseman Eric Wagaman, Boston Red Sox selected catcher Michael Gasper and Tampa Bay Rays selected pitcher Michae Gomez. In the third round, the Pittsburgh Pirates selected Marcos Cabrera. The Yankees drafted two minor leaguers. In the first round, they selected Colorado pitcher Gabriel Barbosa, a 21-year-old right-hander who went 20-16 in four seasons in the minor leagues after being cut by Brazil.

Pirates – CF PJ Hilson (SF) Guardians – Pass Reds – RHP Brock Bell (BOS) Marlins – LHP Adam Laskey (CHC) D-Backs – Pass Twins – RHP Sheldon Reed (CHC) Phillies – SS Trevor Schwecke (TOR) Rays – Pass Round 5 Nationals – Pass Pirates – Pass Reds – Pass Marlins – RHP Julio Dilone (SEA) Twins – Pass Phillies – 1B Bryce Ball (CLE)

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