YOU’RE NOT FIT: Bruno Fernandes is “not captaincy material,” according to former Man Utd captain Roy Keane.

After Manchester United lost a one-sided derby at Old Trafford to Manchester City, Roy Keane urged that Bruno Fernandes should be relieved of his leadership.

After 26 minutes, Erling Haaland scored from the penalty spot and scored again soon after the half, while Phil Foden put a decisive finish on a 3-0 triumph for Pep Guardiola’s team.

While United’s loss was their sixth in just ten games this season, and it put them 11 points behind leaders Tottenham, City set a new precedent in their Premier League championship defense.

Assessing what United can do immediately in an attempt to rectify their failings amid a turbulent time for the club both on and off the field, former skipper Keane suggested taking the armband off Fernandes, who assumed the role from out-of-favour defender Harry Maguire ahead of the campaign.

Keane, who captained United from 1997 to 2005 during one of the club’s most successful periods, told Sky Sports: “After today, having watched him again, I would definitely take the captaincy off him.

100% of the time. I am aware that this is a significant choice, as Maguire has taken over as captain. However, Fernandes is unfit to be a captain.

“He is undoubtedly a brilliant player, in my opinion, but what I witnessed today—his incessant flailing of his arms in the air, his whining—is just unacceptable.

“I would take that off him based on what we observed today. The management is competent to carry that out. He is everything that I would not want in a captain.

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