With his most recent VAR outburst after the loss to Tottenham, Jurgen Klopp gives Liverpool the ultimate paradox.

Liverpool’s 2-1 Premier League loss to Tottenham this past Saturday was impacted by the VAR debate, and Jurgen Klopp is undoubtedly not ready to move past it just yet. Klopp understandably believes that multiple serious VAR mistakes at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium cost his team points, but his most recent assertion is genuinely puzzling. As much as there was outrage at the time that Curtis Jones shouldn’t have been dismissed for his challenge on Yves Bissouma, the fact that Liverpool’s appeal to have his three-game suspension overturned was denied proves that it was sending off.

Regarding *that* Luis Diaz goal, it is unquestionably correct that it should have been counted, and the recent release of the VAR audio from that review demonstrates that the decision was clearly and blatantly incorrect. Although other mistakes that have an impact on outcomes in other Premier League games can be subjective, this was demonstrably incorrect

However, calls for a replay to be held are truly baffling. “As far as I can remember, something like that never happened, that’s why I think a replay should be played,” said Klopp in his latest verdict on the incident. “They didn’t do it on purpose and we shouldn’t forget that. Yes, it was a mistake. An obvious mistake. I think there would have been solutions.

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