SWEET HOME COMING: Record-breaking Jürgen Klopp is aware of the talent of a returning Liverpool player.

Jürgen Klopp may soon profit from a record-breaking Liverpool youth who is making a comeback and continuing a road formerly traveled by Steven Gerrard.

Even if we have a tendency to minimize it, the evolution of football is not linear. Players develop and peak at various ages. They will also deteriorate and fall at various rates.

They are all humans, and no two people are precisely alike. Just consider Steven Gerrard as an illustration. He was perhaps one of the greatest Liverpool players ever, although he didn’t actually break into the first team until he was 19 years old.

If you contrast Gerrard with someone like Jude Bellingham, who had made a ton of appearances and more than 100 first-team games, it’s easy to see how development varies from one player to the next.

Nobody can be expected to be a Michael Owen or a Bellingham, for that matter. Growing pains frequently held back Gerrard, like many other young footballers who develop “late.” or, more precisely, musculoskeletal problems in adolescents.

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