A FIGHT TO FINISH: Player fights & ‘grabs manager by collar’ after being called a ………..

After getting into a fight with his manager, Michel Der Zakarian, at Montpellier, ex-Liverpool defender Mamadou Sakho made headlines.

Sakho has always been bregarded as having a unique personality. He alienated some Liverpool fans, who viewed him as a sort of cult hero, while others didn’t want him around the team.

He has a “bust-up” with his employer, Der Zakarian, and is currently in Montpellier, where he doesn’t play often.

According to L’Equipe, the incident happened on Tuesday night at the club’s practice facility. The article explained Sakho rushed off the practice field after his coach failed to call a foul, using remarks from GFFN.

Sakho responded by noting that despite just playing six minutes this season, he had been a peaceful member of the team after Der Zakarian had “scolded” the Frenchman.

The allegation becomes even more bizarre when the manager is said to have made a “derogatory” remark to Sakho, prompting the center-back to ‘grab him by the collar’ before the coach collapsed to the ground.

According to Ligue 1 insider Mohamed Toubache-Ter, the comment was made by “une pleureuse,” which is French for “professional moaner” or “cry-baby.”

Sakho “broke the family chain that the coach wears around his neck,” Toubache-Ter continued, “which provoked immense anger.”

Der Zakarien later told L’Equipe that he had “nothing to say” in regards to the situation.

Sakho’s time at Liverpool came to a close when he was sent home from a preseason tour of the United States.

When asked about the event in 2016, Klopp responded, “It’s not that serious. He was late for a meal, he missed the plane’s takeoff, and he missed a session.

“I thought it might make sense that he flew home to Liverpool,” the speaker said. “I have to build a group here, I have to start anew.”

It’s difficult to envision the 33-year-old’s future at Montpellier considering the ongoing drama there and the fact that he hasn’t played much previously this year.

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