David Beckham reveals how he convinced Lionel Messi to join Inter Miami after secret hotel visit

David Beckham has revealed how he managed to convince Lionel Messi to sign for Inter Miami this summer.

On the back of the 22/23 season, it became clear that Messi’s time with Paris Saint Germain was coming to an end.
After weeks of intense speculation, it was confirmed that Messi would ditch European football and sign for MLS side Inter Miami, who are part-owned by Beckham.
While appearing on the latest episode of Sky Bet’s Stick to Football podcast, Beckham spoke about how he managed to convince Messi to sign for his club.

My objective was always to bring the top players,” he stated. “I started this adventure, 10 years ago, saying that I was building a franchise in Miami. As a team owner, I assume you always want to sign the top players, but the odds of doing so are slim and challenging all the time.

But then, around four years ago, I went undercover to Messi’s father’s hotel in Barcelona to meet with him, and it was clear that neither of us was ready to invite him in at that time.

“I turned around and told his father, ‘We want your son, we want him to come to Miami when he’s ready, and if that’s possible.

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