Super League News: Browns DE Myles Garrett’s pick on who has an edge amongst these two most powerful players……

Myles Garrett of the Browns is aware of which Lamar Jackson of the Ravens and Joe Burrow of the Bengals he would prefer.

Joe Burrow has finally broken out of his injury spell and is starting to take the Cincinnati Bengals to a much-needed run. But, there are other quarterbacks that have been rolling this season as well. One of them just came off a dominant win over the Seattle Seahawks and goes by the name of Lamar Jackson. The Baltimore Ravens’ style of play varies quite a lot from Burrow but comparisons can never be avoided. Although, Cleveland Browns star Myles Garrett knows which one of the two he is taking. He unveiled it in his latest appearance in Up & Adams.

Joe Burrow and Josh Allen just finished a shootout. He completed 31 of 44 passes for touchdowns, scorching the Buffalo Bills in the process. He gained 348 throwing yards from this. The star wide receiver for the Browns, Myles Garrett, may have taken notice after two visits to the end zone thanks to his laser-like passes.

Lamar Jackson, on the other hand, was the epitome of efficiency for the Ravens. He only missed five passes while darting 21 completions. It got him 187 passing yards against a Seahawks squad that looked lost. His rushing game was also on display with 10 carries and an average yardage of six per rush.

Jackson is going to have a tough time in the pocket from Garrett and the Browns. They are the next opponent, therefore there will undoubtedly be intense energy in the building. Will Jackson destroy Garrett on the football field, making him regret what he said?

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