What the Aston Villa players actually think of Unai Emery’s strategies is revealed by Brad Friedel.

Former Aston Villa goalkeeper Brad Friedel has shared what current players have told him about Unai Emery and his tactics.

Emery guided Villa to a top-six finish last season after replacing Steven Gerrard, earning rave reviews from supporters, pundits and even players. This term, Villa have won five of their opening seven league games – putting them in fifth place.

Speaking about his former club and the work Emery is doing, Friedel says it is “not surprising at all” that Villa have done well. He had plenty of good things to say when talking about what he had heard from players and other clubs.

Friedel thinks it is “not surprising at all” that Villa have done well when discussing his old team and the work Emery is doing. When discussing what he had learned from players and other clubs, he had lot of positive things to say.

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