BREAKING!!!!! Aston Villa player claims he would have missed two to three months of practice if……

Argentina won the World Cup in Qatar almost a year ago, and the victory is still a hot topic in the local media.

  • Emiliano Martinez, the goalkeeper for Aston Villa, spoke to TV Publica this week about that triumph and discussed the high expectations that surrounded the team at the time.

The athlete claimed they were so intent on winning that title that he wouldn’t have been able to play for a while had they lost to France in the final. The quotes are relayed by ESPN.

“I thought about how we were going to go back, and I knew I would be able to handle it. Happy, sad… I wasn’t planning on returning home dejected. I had no other objectives. According to the Aston Villa star, “Many players have played after the World Cup, but I wouldn’t have been able to because of the pain I would have felt.”

“When it came to the victory, could have returned to the game the following day, but obviously we had to rejoice with the crowd; it was the most lovely thing and what the boys and were most looking forward to. wouldn’t have been able to return for two or three months if had lost. It would be as if someone had died.

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