BREAKING: Star of West Ham United Jarrod Bowen Was Taken Aback By Harry Kane’s “Scandal” During Practice

When Jarrod Bowen first played with Harry Kane, his England teammate, the West Ham winger was most taken aback.

Even though the Irons player already knew the former Tottenham striker’s caliber from facing him as an opponent, he informed Sky Sports on October 27 that the striker’s termination during training for the Three Lions was a “scandal.”

After scoring 213 goals in the Premier League, Kane left the team to join Bayern Munich this summer. Since joining the team last year, Bowen has earned five caps for England as the captain’s partner.

When asked who surprised him the most, Bowen responded, “I think Harry Kane when I went to England.” Of course, I am aware of his talent, but what really strikes me is the caliber and the meticulousness.

“I really believe he scored every goal with both his left and right foot after we completed a finishing session. Playing against someone lets you know what they’re capable of, yet in games, things can occasionally change.

“You can see it in action when it’s in training, and his finishing in particular was scandalous. Everyone, jus:t [stanchion], so simple.


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