WHO WINS???: Newcastle and Spurs compete for a £60 million Juventus star…….

The focus of Juventus’s constantly changing story is currently on Dusan Vlahovic and Federico Chiesa, with one of them perhaps leaving as soon as January. Even while it might be too soon to declare the return of the all-powerful “Old Lady,” there’s no doubting that a recent triumph over Milan—who is no longer atop the standings—could represent a big step toward regaining former glory.

Juventus Fc vs Ac Milan Federico Chiesa of Juventus Fc looks on during the Serie A football match beetween Juventus Fc and Ac Milan at Allianz Stadium on May 28, 2023 in Turin, Italy . Torino Allianz Stadium Italy Copyright: xMarcoxCanonierox

Despite a quiet summer in the transfer market and mounting criticism, Massimiliano Allegri has been compelled to maximise the potential of the resources at hand. However, as January looms, we could witness some pivotal changes, especially in the midfield, given the likely season-long suspensions of Paul Pogba and Nicolò Fagioli. Pogba, after testing positive for testosterone, might face a contract termination, while the young Fagioli, amidst negotiations with the prosecutor’s office, could see his season disastrously conclude.

Due to these circumstances, Juventus is under tremendous pressure to find one or two elite players to cover the midfield hole. However, January can also bring an unanticipated development in the attacking area if the Vlahovic-Chiesa connection breaks out.

The Vlahovic-Chiesa Alliance’s Dissolution: A £60 Million Mystery

Following months in which they came dangerously close to leaving Juventus, Vlahovic and Chiesa have turned things around and are still with the team. Still, one of them could be saying goodbye to Turin shortly. Federico Chiesa in particular, whose contract expires on June 30, 2025, is still attracting a lot of interest from throughout Europe. Chiesa has returned to the spotlight after a difficult season hampered by a knee injury, which has fueled continuing transfer rumors.


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