NFL rumors: Justin Fields’ Falcons links intensify…

With the NFL Draft approaching and the Chicago Bears holding on to the #1 pick, a lot of people are wondering what’s going to happen with Justin Fields. The Bears could decide that they want to keep Fields, or they could draft Caleb Williams with the #1 pick. Rumors are starting to swirl that they are going to draft Williams because Fields recently unfollowed the Bears on Instagram.

If the Bears do draft Caleb Williams, Justin Fields will need a new home. Bleacher Report’s Jordan Schultz recently shared his thoughts on the situation, and he thinks that the Atlanta Falcons would be the best fit.

“There is absolutely a building buzz among the NFL that the Falcons would be in play for Justin Fields,” Jordan Schultz said during a recent appearance on the Zach Gelb Show. “Obviously he’s from Gainesville, Georgia and he grew up there. When I think about Atlanta with Justin Fields, there’s something about the backfield shared by him and Bijan Robinson that really gets me fired up. You know, I just I see it, you know, you can really see how that can materialize and it can be something super special. You know, I think Chicago is in a position where it’s probably more than likely they’re going to reset the clock, get Caleb Williams number one, maybe get another wide receiver to complement DJ Moore and then build the roster out from there, but they have so many needs and it’s my understanding that Fields at this point probably commands a late first round pick. So you can get real value for him and ideally allow him to restart his career somewhere else.”

Things haven’t exactly panned out with Fields and the Bears, but it’s clear that he is a very talented player. Schultz is still confident that he could thrive with the right team.

“I still believe that Justin Fields, his talent is so robust that in the right system with the right coordinator, he can be a super special quarterback, he just hasn’t really had it in Chicago,” Schultz continued. “So, the Falcons to me are going to be in play for a lot of these guys including [Kirk] Cousins and Fields.”

Kirk Cousins could also be in the mix, but Schultz thinks that Justin Fields would be the better fit there.

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