NFL Confirmed: The relentless determination of new Vikings quarterback made unpleasant renounce….

If he sets his mind on something, he’s going to make it happen. No matter the circumstance surrounding the situation.

Josh Dobbs never missed school growing up in Alpharetta, Ga. Not a single day in 13 years.


It started off as a friendly competition with his mother Stephanie Dobbs during his adolescence. She only missed school once as a kid, and she reminded her son of that accomplishment often. If he wanted to beat her, there was literally no margin for error.


That served as a compass for Dobbs throughout elementary school, middle school and high school. Nothing was going to stop him from having perfect attendance. Not even his own college decision.

As a star quarterback for Alpharetta High School, he skillfully navigated the recruitment process in a way that ensured he never got marked absent. His father Robert Dobbs recalled that if his son had an official visit set up, he would go to school long enough to get credit, then the family would race to the airport to catch a flight. If they missed the plane, they missed the plane


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