News Report: Stefon Diggs dissociates himself from his brother’s tweets on him needing to leave Buffalo……

Trevon Diggs, of the Cowboys, tweeted that ‘Man 14 Gotta get up outta there’

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Stefon Diggs has distanced himself his brother’s tweets on him needing to leave the Bills, claiming that the Cowboys cornerback’s comments are coming from more of a fan perspective and not himself, or anyone else in Buffalo.

Diggs’ younger sibling, Trevon, tweeted on Monday that ‘Man 14 Gotta get up outta there’ after the Bills’ 24-22 loss to the Broncos that same day. Barely 24 hours later, Trevon followed up on his comment on x by sharing, ‘Let’s not forget, he didn’t start going off till bro got here,’ referring to Buffalo’s quarterback, Josh Allen.

‘I’m not responsible for how other people feel,’ Diggs said, Thursday, according to ESPN. ‘Anybody in this room for this manner, a reporter, a player, even my own brother. I love my brother. In the space that my brother’s coming from is my family. So, you want to know how he feels? You got to take it up with him.’

Putting me in a position or me having a conversation with my brother, but that’s outside, that’s in house family rules. But for me, I can’t combat or answer all the questions as to why, with people in the world saying X, Y, X.’

Diggs insisted that it is up to Trevon to clarify his recent statements. Trevon is listed on Dallas’ injury report with a torn ACL suffered in practice in September, ruling him out for most of Pthe season.

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