News Report: Kevin Durant’s Honest Reaction to Scott Foster Ejecting Chris Paul…

Kevin Durant may have been Chris Paul’s rival throughout their careers, but even he couldn’t believe that Scott Foster ejected Paul in last night’s game between the Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors.

After the Phoenix Suns defeated the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night, Durant spoke to the media where he gave a very candid reaction to Paul’s ejection.

“I didn’t see it coming, but I looked it up and they was talking for a little bit longer,” Durant said. “I kinda felt like it wasn’t a warm exchange. I knew after I saw a couple extra minutes of them talking, I knew something different. I didn’t get to hear what was going, but it was this crazy sequence of what like, three or four techs, Chris getting thrown out the game. You know the history that him and Scott has, it was definitely a weird ending to the half, but I’m glad we got points out of it.”

The most amusing part of Durant’s reaction to the ejection is very easily the final sentence. Only Kevin Durant would admit that he’s happy he got points out of a chaotic Chris Paul ejection.

Even though Kevin Durant is no longer a member of the Golden State Warriors, his time with the team should always be remembered fondly by the fans. Two NBA Championships, and three straight trips to the NBA Finals – courtesy of the Slim Reaper.

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