NBA Trade: Predicting the next superstar the Miami Heat will go all-in for…..

A scenario where the Miami Heat lands Donovan Mitchell

As far-fetched as it may seem, there’s actually a very realistic pathway toward the Miami Heat getting in on the Donovan Mitchell sweepstakes, if there is one. With just two years remaining on his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers, a big decision must be made by both sides after this season. And if this season doesn’t pan out how Mitchell and the Cavs expect it to, with the team taking a big step forward in their development, the whispers surrounding Mitchell’s possible exit are only going to grow louder.

If the Cavs flop this season, there’s a scenario where Mitchell asks the Cavs if they’d like to trade him before entering his lame-duck season with the team. He declined to sign an extension this past season with the Cavs and I highly doubt anything will change on that front next summer.

This time around, entering the final year of his deal, Mitchell will have the chance to handpick where he wants to get traded. Last time around, he didn’t have much say due to his contract. If he were to demand a trade after this season, he could say he’s only re-signing with one team to guide the Cavs toward a trade to one specific team.

Of course, the Heat would need Mitchell to tell the Cavs he wants to be in Miami. Similar to what Lillard did to the Blazers. The only difference is that Mitchell would have so much more influence due to his expiring contract.

If the Miami Heat is going to go all-in on one superstar next, it should be Donovan Mitchell. There’s no doubt about that.

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