Inside the Custom Superyacht Program at Oceanco

Building some of the biggest and most renowned superyachts in the world, Oceanco has a well-deserved reputation. But as I’ve seen from visiting their main shipyard in the Netherlands and from attending numerous boat events all over the world, the Oceanco crew is constantly searching for fresh, creative ideas for how to create their unique brand of superyachts.
Therefore, when I learned that Oceanco had introduced its Simply Custom program—which is intended to expedite the process of designing and constructing an 80-meter (262-foot) yacht—I became curious. I was not surprised to see their creative new program center around the 80-meter range, as this is the “sweet spot” for many of the new superyachts being built these days.

However, the Simply Custom program’s

“holistic” approach surprised me since it offers much more than just a new superyacht design.

Together with Lateral Naval Architects and a host of other companies, they have designed a cutting-edge technical platform that is both ready for construction right now and adaptable enough to be updated and changed in the future in response to significant advancements in propulsion and other important areas.

We founded Simply Custom in response to the growing need for innovative custom yacht construction. Yacht owners continue to want the highest caliber of workmanship and custom-built vessels. Yet many are less inclined to pay close attention to each and every step of the procedure. They anticipate that professionals like Oceanco and our partners will handle technological concerns. Perhaps most significantly, customers want the process of building a yacht to be easy and enjoyable, says Paris Baloumis, Group Marketing Director at Oceanco.

The coolest feature of all, though, may be Oceanco’s ability to get the top boat designers in the world to submit their ideas for the ideal 80-meter superyacht. These are just a handful of the incredible superyacht designs that Oceanco has in store!

Espen Øino outlines the rationale for his company’s Clarity application. “Simple was the term that motivated my team and I to collaborate on the design of a boat for Oceanco’s Simply Custom Collection: SIMPLE! What is meant by simple? to find a clever, elegant, and economical solution to a problem.

Motivated by this notion, we set out to find clever yet straightforward solutions for a few problems. The yacht’s superstructure has exceptionally big overhangs that serve as shade and lower the vessel’s internal heat gain on the decks below. We utilized the extra surfaces above for solar cells.

“The main deck lounge is designed as a large winter garden, which can be opened to make use of the wind as natural ventilation. The overall objective being to reduce the onboard energy consumption and increase the renewable part of the onboard energy production. The extensive use of large shaded exterior spaces reflects our vision of enjoying life at sea and the outdoors.”

Domino pays homage to the decades of experience that Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard have gathered along their award-winning careers at Nuvolari Lenard in Venice. An elegant simplicity is displayed the sweeping bow all the way to the graceful aft staircases that flank the swimming pool on the main deck. The curvaceous decks and glass bulwarks also give Domino a distinctive look.

“We believe Domino represents the state of the art, in terms of beauty and functionality,” says Dan Lenard. “While also offering an owner a starting point from which to create a yacht that is perfectly suited to an owner.”

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