Done deal: Anthony Edwards Breaking world Record After Signing trade for viking after NBA And NFL as he Switches Leagues…..

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Minnesota Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards expressed confidence in his ability to become the first athlete to play in both the NBA and NFL during a recent conversation with comedian Marco Summers on “Open Thoughts.” When asked about playing football and whether any player had participated in both leagues, Edwards confidently stat

Edwards emphasized his ambition to make history but clarified that his primary focus is on achieving goals in the NBA. He acknowledged the need to “handle his business in the NBA” and emphasized the Timberwolves” goal of winning a championship before considering a potential transition to the NFL.

Even though Edwards aspires to be the first-ever player to transition from the NBA to the NFL, he is indeed, not the first.

Minnesota legend Harry Peter Grant Jr., AKA Bud Grant, accomplished this feat six decades ago. Grant won an NBA Championship with the Minneapolis Lakers in 1950 before joining the Philadelphia Eagles, playing as a Defensive end and later as a Wide Receiver. He went on to win the Grey Cup in the CFL and an NFL Championship in 1969

They wanted to give me a two-year contract; I said, ‘I want one. If I don”t like it, I want to go back to playing,” ” Grant recalled. “What did I have to lose? I”d never coached in my life.”

Grant also became the youngest head coach in CFL history at 29 and later achieved coaching success in the NFL, leading the Minnesota Vikings from 1967.

“I know the Vikings have the nucleus of a fine football team,” Grant told correspondents at the time. “The Vikings have gone through the growing stage in the NFL and are ready to be a contender from here on in.


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